How to Tie a Braided Fishing Line to a Hook?

You may already be aware of using a braided line in fishing, specifically freshwater or inshore saltwater fishing. An accurate braid helps you to achieve greater distance when you are casting. You may also know, tying knots with a braided line can be entirely tasked for anglers. The braided line allows you to hold more lines on your reel due to the smaller line diameter. It can be more visible to fish in clear water

Fishing lines connect the rod to the hook. They are mandatory for applying pole fishing, rod fishing, or bow fishing techniques. You have different options of lines to target various fish species, including;

  • Monofilament Lines
  • Braided Lines
  • Fluorocarbon Lines

Braided Fishing Lines to a HookTips to Tie Braided Fishing Lines to a Hook

You may notice that braided fishing lines are pretty colorful, making them visible in clear waters. It’ll be somewhat problematic when angling for skittish fish. To save yourself, you will need to employ a few tricks to increase your chances of catching fish:

  • You can use a surgeon’s knot, which may incorporate a short leader.
  • Don’t use clippers to cut braided lines, and they will create a fine feathery mess when used on braided lines.
  • Learn how to reduce snarls; this strategy will help the last long.
  • To reduce the number of snarls, you need to catch them before they occur.
  • Whenever a snarl occurs, it will begin as a small loop because by catching them quickly, you can pick them out before they tighten into a snarl.

The right braided line will increase the chances of your success. Learning how to tie braided fishing lines, we’ll thoroughly guide you to start independently. It could be straightforward, and you need to understand how novice anglers use braided fishing lines for the first time. Here are types of few knots that we started within this analysis:

  • Uni Knot 
  • Palomar Knot
  • Clinch Knot
  • San Diego Jam Knot


The ‘Uni Knot’ is one of the most popular fishing knots, so we’d include it in our list. The only question in anglers’ minds is how to alter the standard Uni for best results with braid. After some research, I found that using ten turns will create the most substantial results through the eye twice.


  • Cross the line through the double back, and create a circle
  • Make a uni knot to cover the tag
  • To enter the loop, make 6 rounds
  • Straighten the line, and forward the mainline to tighten the uni knot
  • Forward the mainline to the knot down

Note: your uni knot has been tied, which will help during your fishing ventures.


The ‘Palomar Knot’ is too easy to understand due to its impressive and straightforward strength of tie steps. However, most anglers prefer to use it in monoline, so I decided to include it in my list.


  • Create six double inches of the line and pass it to the end of the hook.
  • For small hooks, only pass the one time
  • Let the hook hang for a while to make a loose knot
  • Hold the overhand knot between your forefinger or thumb, and then pass the line over the hook
  • Pull the standing tag line to ensure a strong knot


Clinch Knot is a trendy knot, like the Palomar. You can test it out through the hook eye, and 10 wraps around the mainline with the braid. It’s low performance and relatively challenging to tie, so I recommend not using this.


  • Stuff the line on level of the hook
  • Create the double back parallel to the existing line with the help of your forefinger and your thumb
  • Insert your index finger and start twisting until 7 twists are completed at the bottom of the hook.
  • Stuff the tag end behind the hook
  • Hold your knot tight


This is knot will be a perfect option, but it is a little tough to get consistent results to tie than the Braid Uni. Below is the best way to tie the San Diego Jam braid.


  • Pass the line on the level of the hook
  • Make 6 wraps around the tag
  • Pass it from the double line
  • Moisten and pull the knot
  • Cut off the excess
  • You’re not is done

Advantages of Braided Fishing Line

Here are some reasons why people buy braided lines:

  • They made with synthetic materials
  • They offer superior knot strength
  • The best part of their surprising durability
  • It will last for a years
  • A braid is pretty challenging to break, so it will be the best support for tackling big catches
  • A braided line is very sensitive
  • Their flexibility allows the angler to cast the lure in long distances

FAQs Section

Should you back braid with monofilament?

Yes, it is the best way to save the line from spinning. This can work nicely for attaching the mono to your main braid.

How to tie braided fishing line to fluorocarbon?

If you need to join two different lines or two lines of different diameters, fluorocarbon will be one of the best fishing knots for saltwater. If you want to learn how to tie fishing knots, pay close attention to each step. Let’s have a look;

  • Bend the end of the fluorocarbon loop slightly and feed the tag end of the braid down through the loop.
  • Hold the fluorocarbon loop together while bringing the tag over the loop.
  • Make 10 to 12 wraps from left to right with the braid, wrapping around all three strands and taking care to place the wraps tightly.
  • Tighten the loop by pulling on both line
  • After moving the coils, pull the trim tag to keep the coils in the proper place.
  • Pull-on the small standing part
  • You can further lock the Albright knot instead of trimming the tag.

Am I using the braided fishing line on a spinning reel?

A braided line is superior to a spinning reel. The braided line has been working extraordinarily for multiple fishing applications. To avoid, its easiest way round it is to use a monofilament backing on the spool.


Fishing braided lines are appropriate for various kinds of fishing techniques, but these knot techniques depend on your fishing purposes. So, choose from knot as mentioned earlier as per your requirements. According to my analysis of Uni knot and the San Diego JamUni knots have a slightly stronger hold and are easier to tie. I recommend the Uni for this connection. I experienced using a direct line-to-line knot is just as strong as using a swivel to connect the two lines. So, what makes you still waiting? Explore the best fishing braided lines to make your fishing adventure 100% safe.

If you received some valuable information in this article, please share it with your friends or colleagues, or leave a comment below. We really appreciate your reading our blog. Your prestigious feedback allows us to continue producing valuable content to help you. I hope, this blog post will resolve all queries of how to tie a braided fishing line to a hook?  We would love to hear your opinion regarding a braided fishing line or perhaps an experience you’ve had. Let us know below in the comments!

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